Every manuscript needs a second pair of eyes on it to get rid of those unintentional writing errors. Whether you're a new author or you've already had a few books published, I offer a reasonably priced service appropriate to your needs.

I offer a supportive editing service which will ensure your writing is clear and consistent while respecting your unique voice and personal style. This will ensure that your readers do not get distracted by confusing inconsistencies or by errors in wording or punctuation. I can work with authors who are non-native speakers to make their manuscript flow as though English was their first language.

First impressions count. Losing stars in a review because of errors that would have been corrected by an editor affects sales and your reputation. It is difficult to market your books when you are a new author. Make it easier by ensuring your writing is the best it can be.

I work with most genres, but have particular interest in those listed here:

  • Fiction
  • mystery and crime
  • fantasy
  • science fiction
  • travel fiction

  • Non-fiction
  • popular science
  • classical music
  • environment and ecology
  • travel and tourism

The services I offer are detailed below. Information about costs can be found on my rates page. If you're not sure which service best fits your needs, you can send me a sample of your work and I will discuss the options with you. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Copy editing
A thorough edit working on your draft manuscript. In addition to correcting mistakes and ensuring consistency of style, I will make suggestions on sentence structure to ensure that your text is clear and logical, check for inconsistencies and differences in characterization and timelines, undertake basic fact-checking of names, dates, locations etc. and highlight the use of repeated phrases.

This is usually the final check after the document has been formatted to ensure it is ready for publication. It consists of a read-through and inspection for spelling, punctuation, grammatical errors and layout issues in your formatted document.

This option is less thorough than having separate copy edit and proofread stages. However, it is cheaper and this makes it attractive to new and aspiring authors with a limited budget.

Mini edit
Maybe you've run out of steam and need a push in the right direction. Or maybe finances are tight. Whatever the reason, you may feel that a partial edit of your manuscript - the first 10,000 words - is what you need right now. You can then use my changes and editing comments to finalize the rest of your manuscript.


Eleanor Bolton is a true professional. Timely and detailed, she is a dream copyeditor. Eleanor caught the most minute details within my manuscript as well as offering (extremely kindly) a couple of various word selections when she felt I might have misused a word. Invariably I always went with her choice. I would highly recommend Eleanor, knowing your manuscript will be all the better after being run past her eagle-eyes.

Sam Bond


Eleanor gave excellent feedback on my manuscript. I am very happy with her professional and fast service. She has great attention to detail and picked up on many errors in the document. She also tactfully gave suggestions. My writing and manuscript have improved greatly thanks to Treetop Editing's service.

Fiona Price


For more information, a quote, or a free sample edit, please contact me.