Hello! I’m Eleanor Bolton.

Treetop Editing is owned and run by me, so you can be confident in knowing that you will be dealing directly with me at all times.

My background
My main interests are music, travel and board games. I have played the violin since I was a small child, and am now learning the piano as an adult. I spent several years playing in the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra and small chamber orchestras (in the UK). I have been playing board games for most of my life and am now teaching my children (currently aged 9 and 7). Their favorite games at the moment are Dungeon, Patchwork, and Forbidden Sky (yes, they need a little help but they have a lot of enthusiasm).

I’m British but have spent almost a decade experiencing life in other countries: China, India and now America. I have also taken opportunities to travel widely. My trips often involve hiking and learning about the local wildlife and my experiences have been diverse, for example climbing Mount Kinabalu, looking for nocturnal animals on rainforest hikes and cycling from the UK to Paris (with a short hop on a ferry) on a tandem.

Of course, as with most editors, I also read a lot. The list of fiction genres I can edit and proofread will give you an idea of the types of books on my shelves.

It is usually best to choose an editor who has some knowledge of your chosen genre or subject area. If I don’t think I am suitable to edit your work I will be honest and point you in the direction of someone more appropriate. My usual areas of work, based on my experience and interests, are:



  • popular science
  • classical music 


  • mathematics
  • physics
  • engineering
  • mathematical computing
  • classical music 


Eleanor's attention to detail in proofreading is really thorough and her stylistic recommendations are well thought out and helpful. As someone who has lived in the US for almost a decade, I thought I was pretty adept at switching between British and American English. However, Eleanor's help at identifying and correcting inconsistencies in my usage was invaluable.

Maxine Cleminson

Founder of Global Citizen Education Solutions

Qualifications and Training

PhD Mathematics, University of Nottingham, UK
LLM, The Open University, UK (Distinction)

CIEP Proofreading 1 & 2 (merit)
CIEP Editing 1 & 2
CIEP References
CIEP Theses and Dissertations
EfA The Chicago Manual of Style

As an intermediate member of the CIEP, I follow their Code of Practice.